Trust is a double edged sword

“Love everyone, trust no-one” is what my best friend tells me. But he doesn’t know that love and trust go hand in hand. I don’t blame him, because he is right from his experiences. But then perspectives change as more experience is added. So, how do love and trust go hand in hand? To know that, we have to know that falling in love and loving someone is two different things. You can fall in love with anyone. But you start loving someone only when you trust them, because you are going to give yourself completely to them. You don’t often get someone with whom you can be naked emotionally. 

Trust – firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something.

The whole world revolves around trust. But then everybody has their own world. World is nothing but an imagined reality. World can be anything or anyone you want it to be. That is why trust is very fragile thing. Its like a broken glass, scratched sticker, yeah for sure it is something like that. But imagine this for a moment. Your whole world crashes on you, breaking you into pieces. Letting you stray away out of the orbit, which was the only strong bond held it together, being sucked into the darkness, and all that emptiness. The place you once considered home is no more. 

People don’t understand that often breaking a trust is like breaking that person itself. Its a very complicated layer of betrayal. Its something like this, trusting you is my decision, but proving me right or wrong is your choice. I am a very sensitive person, often living in my shell. Me taking a peek out of that shell means I am noticing you. But imagine me coming out of that shell for someone. That’s a different level of trust. It might seem something silly, but I am sure introverts and anxious person like me can relate to this. But I came out of it only to be pushed back in again. It would become difficult for me to get out of that shell again, even if the new person trying to take a peek in the shell deserves to be trusted.

Don’t leave someone broken into pieces, only to be picked by themselves. When you have the chance to do right by them, stand up and do it. But then morality is a very difficult concept to grasp upon. But integrity is not. I always think very hard before giving a word to someone. Because I am scared what if I stray away from that. My word is like my bond, that I am signing up to myself. I don’t want to live my life with regrets. I want to die with at-least the sense of satisfaction that I tried to do something right about it. But as I said, morality is not something everybody can understand. Let alone, being moral to self values. 

Trust is a double edged sword. I will tell you why. You trust someone too less, then you are not going anywhere with that person. But if you trust too much, it will hit you hard when it all breaks. But there is no weighing scale saying this is how much you gotta trust someone. How do you know trust someone? You know you trust someone, when you know that person is going to be there by your side no matter what. You know you trust someone when they are your critique. You know you trust someone when they bring out the best in you. You know you trust someone when they always lookout for you. You know you trust someone when that’s the first person you reach out to at your lowest or best point of life. You can be yourself around that person, with no levels or layers of protection.

I am sorry for everyone who broke you and your trust. I hope you get to trust someone again. Remember, there is always one person you can trust on – YOU. To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved.


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